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The journey begins with a dream...a backdrop for bringing life to the imagined.  Theater arts gives us literature, dance, music, and song, to direct our personal and social life. Through the expressions of creativity, we experience beauty and emotional power.

Our community is brimming with talent awaiting that one-act play to be scripted, an open mic or reason to dust off a pair of old dance shoes. Sometimes it only takes asking to unleash creativity or revive tucked away talent—sometimes-natural ability requires guidance to become greatness. Our goal is to extend the life of the theater into the community, change the outlook around us and foster comrades in the arts.


With your help and resources, it is the DMV Intergenerational Theater Groups, Inc. plan to provide a platform for theater artist, young and old, to create an arena of talent and together make a difference in the dream deferred...


Please consider making a gift today to support our talent-generating program.

Your generous gift helps provide opportunities to many individuals whose skills are just budding and resources for bringing quality arts to the community. We, together appreciating the theater arts, can give audience to the theater and enliven so many talented individuals with the joy of entertainment.

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