About Us

The District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia Intergenerational Theater Group, Inc (DMVITG Inc.) is a grassroots non-profit organization meeting the challenge to champion all areas of theater production, partnering  communities for  reinvigorating a passion for theater arts. We are establishing a platform to project creativity onto the hearts and spirits of youth and adults. Our goal is to showcase and develop talents because it is essential to embolden courage, confidence and imagination in everyone. 

Our inspirations lay in the motto, “a dream deferred is not a dream denied.” 

And today we strive to make opportunities for dreams to take life.  Theater experience can help qualify skills far beyond stage performances.  Production not only requires those to write, act, sing and direct — it takes building scenery, hanging lights, music/sound set-up, wardrobe designs, legal research/review, auditions, ticket sales, rehearsal scheduling, management and so on and most of all, a commitment for willingness and cooperation to make a theater production a success. That is why we are stepping up to gather all kinds of talents and establish venues to encouraged a resurgence for participating in theater going.

As many people find a personal niche for entertainment in the fast paced world of technology, there is much to appreciate about excitement brought on by working together to support talent under the spotlight. Whether being in the audience or an essential team member to the production, the community interfaces through the work of the theater. Therefore, we endeavor to encourage everyone we meet to reclaim the passion for enjoyment found in theater arts.