IDA GARNER is the founder and CEO of DMV Intergenerational Theater Group, Inc. and has unveiled the charm of theater to everyone encountered along her life’s journey.  Her passion for performance began at age fifteen with encouragement from a social studies teacher to accept the lead role in “Bobby Sox”— a one-act play. Honoring the wishes of her father, she perused education as a profession and found ways to promote confidence with knowledge in a world of audiences from classrooms. 

“A person can evolve while portraying various characters... theater is a comfortable place for self expression - young and old,”

With hopes and dreams pointing toward the spotlights, Ida Garner appears to the community with a descriptive syllabus for developing life skills learned in theater. Oral skills, motivation and commitment, cooperation, rules and respect, working under pressure and a healthy dose of self-imaging are some elements set out in a multi-part course for defining, building and communicating ones character.

“A person can evolve while portraying various characters... theater is a comfortable place for self expression - young and old,” says Ida. She has inspired student excellence by applying her theatrical gift and methods of “roleplay” to every teaching moment.  

Acknowledged as the honor roll teacher, for the Bancroft Air and Space program funded by the United Black Fund and Tuskegee Airmen East Coast Chapter, Ida appeared before her young students and adult’s everyday dressed in ‘flight suit.’ With a platform of self-discovery, she encouraged trainees to take personal responsibility for the role of astronauts and mission controllers, scripting scenarios and fulfilling duties necessary for a successful outer space experience.

Having retired from providing outstanding services with the District of Columbia, Prince George’s County, Maryland and Fairfax County, Virginia Public school systems, she now devotes her indefatigable energy to create more avenues for intertwining performances for life.


Few people learn theater is an excellent proving ground for virtually any career direction or life achievement. It becomes a valuable attribute to launch life successes with opening theater doors and accessing voices, minds, bodies and hearts through the magic of theater.

Ida Garner believes the key lays in uniquely developing person’s advantages in life, educating others to recognize those assets and accomplishing all of this while enjoying the process! 


Our goal is to showcase and develop talents because it is essential to embolden courage, confidence and imagination in everyone. 


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