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Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship

Welcome to the birthing of a legacy! We are a non-profit theater group aspiring to address the call to inspire, motivate and educate! 


The DMV Intergenerational Theater Group, Inc welcomes corporate sponsors to support the many distinct elements necessary for keeping the arts culture alive and thriving in the community. As a partner you will receive a great deal of satisfaction knowing your gifts support a collaborative of performing arts and talents found when individuals are offered a greater sense of purpose just being involved in the theater.

We all have something to offer the world of theater art. The community is filled with individuals having untapped skills never thought to be useful. Many received little encouragement to pursue the arts, some possess skills abandoned with no available outlet to display their talent, but finding new horizons can be a life changing experience. Our partnership will strengthen the community and provide a reassuring base for individuals to strengthen in confidence and perfect skills through organized performance opportunities and presentations, workshops, staged readings, productions and repertory theater experiences. Through a balance of support, leadership and hands-on experience, the curtain rises on our mission to intertwine talents and create a revitalization of community theater.

Your support and in-kind services are generous gifts that help DMV Intergenerational Theater Group, Inc. go beyond reclaiming a passion for the spotlight. Together, we become a collaborative of resources for learning, utilizing, and promoting theater arts. These possibilities reinforce the creative process for highlighting artistry. That is why we urge you to help us make these meaningful connections between the community and theater arts.


We hope to encourage everyone to search for his or her gifts and share. Pablo Picasso says, “The purpose of life is to find your gift. The meaning of life is to give it away.” In addition, together we will savor the joys found in giving life to community theater and continue to give of our dreams.

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