We encourage discovery in life, by supporting everyone’s exploration into their creativity, artistic expressions, and discipline. We strive to elevate the potential for distinguishable attributes through partnerships, mentoring, providing learning opportunities, and financial reinforcement to champion commendable skills for artistic fulfillment.




With dedication to pay forward success in developing dreams, we engage sincere allegiance to students, volunteers, partnerships, and the audience to nurture character, build quality skill set and contribute to an interdependent group of growing artistry.




Art lives — and we aim to engage creativity and ownership of key concepts for enlivening the artist in everyone. Whether communicating contrast or adapting and modifying lifestyle, we offer theater art forms as a responsibility to enlist participation in interlocking thoughts and ideals that influence change and or consistency in people.




We foster the expression and inclusiveness that reflect acceptance and respect for being unique highlighting our individual differences along a growing list of ideologies. We offer safe, positive and nurturing environments for the exploring and embracing a world of communities through rendering endless artistic dimensions.


Financial Responsibility 


With dedication to the integrity of theater arts, our Board members, partners, and contributors students and audiences we honor the responsibility for managing money and similar assets that remain productive entities in the best interest of the business.  We are devoted to the cultivation of a focused mindset to look beyond the present and develop the adeptness at financial tasks and management to make clear and distinguished levels of operation and obligation to the viability and consistency of the business.